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Husband: Daniel M FRAILEY-0169  
Birth:                       abt 1806 Sumner County, Tennesse
Marriage:                 25 Mar 1828 Polly DILLON
                                      Sumner County, Tennesse
Death:                           1855 Cave-In-Rock, Hardin County, Illinois
                                      Struck by lighting

Father: William FRALEY
Other Wives: Permelia THORNTON
Wife: Polly DILLON-0265  
Marriage:                 25 Mar 1828 Daniel M FRAILEY
                                      Sumner County, Tennesse

F  Elizabeth FRAILEY-0234  
Birth:                           1829
Death:                       bef 1887

M  Shepherd FRAILEY-0266  
Birth:                       abt 1831
Death:                           1885

F  Mary Jane FRAILEY-0268  

F  Rebecca FRAILEY-0158  
Birth:                       abt 1835
Marriage:                 25 Sep 1855 Daniel SUMMERS Sr
                                      Franklin County, Illinois
Death:                       aft 1910
Burial:                               Knob Prairie Cemetery, Akin, Franklin County,  Illinois

Birth:                           1840

M  Daniel Webster FRAILEY-0271  
Birth:                     4 Oct 1841
Marriage:                        1864 Emma WILKINSON
                                      Hardin County, Illinois
Death:                    28 Apr 1934
Burial:                               Brady, Illinois

M  Richard FRAILEY-0274  
Birth:                     1 Jul 1845
Marriage:                 15 Feb 1865 Mary Jane LACKEY
                                      Hardin County, Illinois
Death:                    10 Feb 1927

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