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Husband: Alexander SUMMERS Sr-0159  
Birth:                     7 Aug 1794 Orange County, North Carolina
Military:                             War of 1812
Marriage:                 17 Jul 1815 Clarissa (Lilly) H SUMMERS
                                      Sumner County, Tennesse
Death:                    31 Dec 1866
Burial:                               Summer Cemetery

Father: Father SUMMERS
Wife: Clarissa (Lilly) H SUMMERS-0160  
Birth:                    17 Jan 1797 Sumner County, Tennesse
Marriage:                 17 Jul 1815 Alexander SUMMERS Sr
                                      Sumner County, Tennesse
Death:                    15 Sep 1885
Burial:                               Summer Cemetery

F  Margaret Ann SUMMERS-0218  
Birth:                       abt 1816
Marriage:                    bef 1846 William FRAILEY
Death:                       aft 1880

F  Malinda SUMMERS-0220  
Birth:                betw 1817 and 1818
Death:                       bef 1846
Burial:                               Cleveland Cemetery, Illinois

F  Mary (Polly) SUMMERS-0222  
Birth:                    22 Dec 1819
Death:                    15 Aug 1908
Burial:                               Liberty, Franklin County, Illinois

M  Alexander SUMMERS Jr.-0224  
Birth:                       abt 1822
Marriage:                  4 Aug 1839 Mary ING
                                      Franklin County, Illinois
Marriage:                  4 Sep 1864 Tyrissa E. MCELEA Johnson
                                      Franklin County, Illinois
Death:                   bef Sep 1885

M  Robert Allen SUMMERS-0228  
Birth:                           1824
Marriage:                 15 Dec 1841 Catherine DILLINGHAM
                                      Williamson County, Illinois
Marriage:                  9 Sep 1868 Sarah J. SHIVERS
                                      Williamson County, Illinois
Census:                          1870 Williamson County, Illinois
Occupation:                           Fortune Teller
Death:                    19 Jul 1897
Burial:                               Dillingham Cemetery, Williamson County, Illinois

M  Peter SUMMERS-0231  
Birth:                       abt 1826
Marriage:                 31 Aug 1848 Melissa Ann DOWNS
                                      Franklin County, Illinois

M  William C. SUMMERS-0233  
Birth:                           1829
Marriage:                 26 Oct 1887 Catherine CHOAT
                                      Franklin County, Illinois
Census:                          1900 Franklin County, Illinois
Death:                           1905

F  Rebecca SUMMERS-0239  
Birth:                       abt 1830
Marriage:                 23 Jun 1847 John Wesley LAUNIUS
                                      Franklin County, Illinois
Marriage:                 26 Aug 1861 Joseph MANION
                                      Franklin County, Illinois
Marriage:                  4 Mar 1866 Thomas DOWNS
                                      Franklin County, Illinois

M  James SUMMERS-0243  
Birth:                     1 Jan 1832
Marriage:                 13 Nov 1834 Nancy DILLON
                                      Franklin County, Illinois
Death:                    16 Aug 1901
Burial:                               County Line Cemetery, Thompsonville, Franklin County, Illinois

M  Daniel SUMMERS Sr-0157  
Birth:                       abt 1833
Marriage:                 25 Sep 1855 Rebecca FRAILEY
                                      Franklin County, Illinois
Death:                    14 Mar 1909
Burial:                               Knob Prairie Cemetery, Akin, Franklin County,  Illinois
                                      No momument

F  Elizabeth SUMMERS-0245  
Birth:                    10 Dec 1836
Marriage:                 21 Mar 1850 John DILLON
                                      Franklin County, Illinois
Marriage:                 15 Apr 1883 Allen HALL
                                      Franklin County, Illinois
Death:                    30 Jul 1921
Burial:                               Jones Cemetery, Parrish, Illinois

F  Eleline SUMMERS-0248  
Birth:                       abt 1837
Marriage:                 16 Nov 1854 Thomas DOWNS Jr.
                                      Franklin County, Illinois

F  Jane SUMMERS-0252  
Birth:                    19 Jan 1839
Marriage:                 21 Mar 1855 Sampson HARRIS
                                      Franklin County, Illinois
Death:                     5 Jun 1904 Ripley County, Missouri

F  Amanda SUMMERS-0254  
Birth:                           1840
Marriage:                  1 Aug 1865 Joseph HUFFINE
                                      Franklin County, Illinois
Death:                           1922
Burial:                               Knob Prairie Cemetery, Akin, Franklin County,  Illinois

M  Ambrose SUMMERS 1-0256  
Birth:                    31 Dec 1842
Marriage:                  6 Mar 1861 Sarah Sophia ROUNDTREE
                                      Franklin County, Illinois
Death:                    31 Jul 1887
Burial:                               Summer Cemetery

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