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Husband: John Latham TAYLOR-0341  
Birth:                    21 Oct 1879
Occupation:                           Farmer
Death:                    12 Dec 1949
Lived:                                Florence MACLEOD
                                      Mataura, Southland
Lived:                                Florence MACLEOD
                                      Menzies Ferry, Southland

Father: Robert TAYLOR Mother: Martha Matilda MCGREGOR
Wife: Florence MACLEOD-0114  

Gordon Taylor at his 90th birthday.
M  Gordon Robert TAYLOR-0098  
Birth:                    14 Oct 1907 Mataura, Southland
Marriage:                 16 Nov 1938 Mary May Isobel HUMPHRIES
                                      Mataura, Southland
Death:                     4 Aug 1999 Oak Ridge Farm, Charlton

M  Ronald Neil TAYLOR-0391  
Birth:                    15 Apr 1909
Occupation:                           Farmer at Balfour
Death:                    29 Oct 1983

F  Hazel Beatrice TAYLOR

M  John MacLeod TAYLOR
Birth:                    12 Jan 1913
Death:                     5 May 1979

F  Florence Heather TAYLOR

F  Inez Catherine TAYLOR
Birth:                    13 Feb 1918
Death:                    19 Dec 1983

M  Walter TAYLOR

M  Stuart (Bill) TAYLOR

M  Ian Kenneth (Danny) TAYLOR

F  Tui Irene TAYLOR
Birth:                    18 Aug 1926 Approx.
Death:                    18 Nov 1931 Gore Hospital

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